Thanks to their chemical strength, their electric insulation and transparent properties, glass balls are used in various scientific applications, in chemistry, in engineering and in other industries.

Raw materials

Main characteristics of glassware used in the manufacturing of precision balls are detailed below but do not hesitate to contact us if you need special productions such as optical glass.

Raw materials table(PDF)
Standard diameters

Glass balls diameters usually go from 1 mm to 20 mm but production can be done up to diameter 100 mm in a special glass. Please find below standard diameters that can be found from stock.

Standard diameters table (PDF)


Glass balls can be produced from different standards. The most common standards are the following

– DIN 5401 standard (the German standardization system)
– ANSI/ABMA standard (the American standardization system)
– ISO 3290 standard (the European standardization system)

No matter what standard is used, the essential control points are the same because all standards have equivalences.

Standard DIN 5401 (PDF)
Standard ANSI/ABMA (PDF)
Standard ISO 3290 (PDF)