Raw Materials

The choice of the synthetic raw material is based on the required physical and mechanical properties. You will find all the different raw materials and properties on our site to help you to choose which ball is the right one for you. This is not an exhaustive list, when the order is large enough, we can offer other synthetic materials on demand.

Raw Materials table (PDF)

Standard diameters

Plastic balls have a much more restricted standard range of diameters compared to steel and stainless steel precision balls. Common diameters vary from 2 mm to 80 mm but we can propose on special demand a larger range going from 1 mm to 300 mm. Please find below the list of standard diameters you can find from stock as well as their unit weight.

Standard diameters table (PDF)


Plastic balls have a much lower degree of precision compared to metal balls or any kind of hard precision ball. You will find below a recap chart of plastic balls tolerances.


Tolerances table (PDF)