Satellites et Bicones

Our range of polishing and grinding balls is completed with satellites and ballcones, whose application is identical to, and even sometimes used simultaneously with, our polishing balls in rotary drums. They can be produced from either from steels or stainless steels.

Raw materials

Please find below a recap chart of steels and stainless steels used in satellites and ballcones manufacturing.

Raw materials table (PDF)

Standard diameters and tolerences

Satellite-bicone difference

Satellite dimensions are some millimeters for the balls and 2 or 3 mm to add for the Saturn (e.g. : 3×5 mm, 5×7 mm or 7×10 mm). They are sold by weight, like the polishing balls.
Ballcones are less flattened and standard dimension is 5×5 mm.
Tolerances are wider and not standardized.